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What is CustomerVibe?

CustomerVibe is an system that allows retailers to create and enrich customer databases, send out text and email marketing campaigns and automatically request your customer feedback on Google via branded text and emails.

Created in Montreal for who?

Monteiro Grillades Portugaises
Pizza Show
Le Roi Du Taco
Boite Geisha
Poulet 3 Pattes Grillades Portugaise
Sham Restaurant Végétarien
Gourmet Aldo
Sweet Lee`s Boulangerie
Le Roi Du Hot-Dog
La Taqueria

Our mission

CustomerVibe optimizes your customer data collection and creates a new interactive communication channel with your customers.

Customer experience

Your best marketing ally in the digital age is communication. In fact, retailers who are effectively reaching their customers are experiencing sustainable and continus business growth.

Our Values

Strategic, smart, enterprising, benevolent.
Supporting retail business entrepreneurs in a changing society.

The steps

We take care of everything.

Configure your account on our platform in less than 5 minutes
Use our interactive tool and/or static tool to create and enrich customer databases and engage your customers to leave reviews on Google.
View the data collected on our platform.
Share your promotions and events by text and email to your customers.

Your part in all this?

We ensure the harmonious execution of your operations.

Benefits of CustomerVibe


Get lots of positive reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and engagement on Instagram.


Contribute to the efficient expansion of your customer databases.


Share your promotions by text or email to your target market based on their preferences.
Get a free consultation today with one of our customer experience experts.

“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.”

Kevin Stirtz, PDG of Thomson Reuters

CustomerVibe Rates

$79.99 your best investment yet.
*(rate subject to change)

Offer - The Preferred

79 99$ per month
Data collection tools both interactive and static
Creating custom forms and surveys.
Send an evaluation request on Google to your customers by text or email.
Share your promotions and events by text and email
Get tons of positives reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp.
Owner and employees training

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